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    Flockcore, brings peering to life.

    dWeb's Flockcore libraries are the foundational framework that power dWeb's peer-to-peer technologies. Every dSite and dApp on the dWeb are designed to gather a flock of peers around them, which can all seed those dSites and dApps for all others who access them.

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    dPack, the package manager for Web 3.0

    Just like developers have used Git and FTP as a way of transferring files to Web 2.0, dPack is used to distribute dSites and dApps to Web 3.0. dPack CLI allows developers to create, share, distribute and fork dSites and dApps from anywhere on the dWeb, easily, quickly and efficiently, with no middleman.

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    dDNS, a decentralized domain name system for Web 3.0.

    dDNS brings to life a new decentralized domain name system and 30+ new dTLDs (Decentralized top-level domains) to bring forth a web that nobody controls, from top to bottom.

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    dDrive, distributed file storage for a new web.

    Distributed hard drives are one of the coolest and most powerful features of the dWeb. With dDrives, dSite and dApp files are kept in a distributed vault, where only the creator can edit them, athough anyone can fork their own copy.

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    dDatabases, distributed databases for the distributed web.

    Blockchains are not the only way to create dApps, when distributed and decentralized data is the use case. dDatabase's framework brings to life 3 different types of distributed databases, to power dApps like dStatus and dPress.