dWeb's distributed package manager components

dPack's Distributed Package Manager Components

Just like developers have used Git and FTP as a way of transferring files to Web 2.0, dPack is used to distribute dSites and dApps to Web 3.0. dPack CLI allows developers to create, share, distribute and fork dSites and dApps from anywhere on the dWeb, easily, quickly and efficiently, with no middleman.

dPack Core

dPack's core library acts as a high-level glue for dPack and dDrive components. dPack Core allows for easy connectivity to the dWeb's peer-to-peer network using FlockCore's Revelation library, allows developers to import files into a file system using dPack Mirror, server dPacks over the HTTP/S protocol as well as accessing lower-level dPack/dDrive APIs with a single require!

dPack Core Documentation

dPack Command CLI

dPack CLI is singlehandedly the most powerful dWeb tool, next to dBrowser, as it allows developers to create, distribute, fork, broadcast and update dSites and dApps with ease, straight from the command line. Works on all operating systems and is a major requirement for all developers looking to work with Web 3.0.

dPack Command CLI Documentation

dPack API

A library of functions that make working with dPack Command CLI and dDrive Core easier. These functions were actored out of dBrowser's core library and internal APIs. All async methods work with callbacks and promises. If no callback is provided, a promise will be returned. Any time a dDrive vault is expected, a dBrowser VFS-Wrapper instance can be provided, unless otherwise stated.

dPack API Documentation

dWeb Ignore

dPack component used for checking if a file or folder should be ignored when distributing a dPack to the dWeb.

dWeb Ignore Documentation

Secret Key Storage

dPack Node.js component that returns a secret key storage location for a dPack or dDrive, along with the creation of an ownership file that is associated with the secret key.

Secret Key Storage Documentation

dPack Vault

A NodeJS API for dPack which is compatible with dPack's API. Useful for testing and for writing apps that work in the browser and in NodeJS.

dPack Vault Documentation

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