dDrive's core components and modules that bring dWeb's distributed storage framework for distributed applications to life.

dDrive's Distributed Storage Components & Libraries

When it comes to distributing files and media, solutions like IPFS have skyrocketed to the top of the tech industry, because of their peer-to-peer nature although IPFS misses on many key segments if it were to truly be integrated with something like , our P2P operating system, created by the BenchX team. Below are some of the key libaries that make dDrives spin and distribute to peers that have joined onto the dWeb network around the globe.

dDrive CLI

Terminal-based Command CLI for creating, managing, updating and distributing dDrives over the dWeb protocol.

dDrive CLI Documentation

dDrive Fork

Check if a file on the filesystem is the same as an entry in dDrive by comparing stat objects and file contents.

dDrive Fork Documentation

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