dWeb's dDNS libraries utilizing multicast technology.

dDNS Multicast Components

dWeb's core distributed DNS libraries. These libraries are NOT affiliated with dTLDs in any way. For instructions on setting up a dDNS server for dTLD resolving or domain name reservation, please click here

dDNS Server

dDNS server used as revelation towers on the dWeb network. Help expand the dWeb network by launching your own dDNS server, to be included within FlockCore's "Network Preset" library.

dDNS Server Documentation

dDNS Zero

dWeb Library For Zero-Configuration Network Revelation For The Distributed Web.

dDNS Zero Documentation

dDNS Socket

dWeb dDNS Server For Peer Revelation Over The Distributed Web Using Regular and Multicast DNS Libraries.

dDNS Socket Documentation


dDNS command CLI for testing connectivity between dWeb revelation towers, that utilize a dDNS server.

dDNS Test CLI Documentation

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