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Making The

Web Great Again.

dWeb is the "Distributed Web" and you are in charge. It has finally happened. We The People have taken back our freedom and our God-given rights. Our ability to fight back, starts today. Start Browsing Web 3.0 Learn About dWeb
dWeb Eagle

Making The

Web Great Again.

dWeb is the "Distributed Web" and you are in charge. It has finally happened. We The People have taken back our freedom and our God-given rights. Our ability to fight back, starts today. Start Browsing Web 3.0 Learn About dWeb

“The deep state took my work away once and they'll never take it away again. Nobody should be able to destroy your life's work, I made a promise to myself I would defeat this mechanism and with dWeb's protocol, we have.”

Jared Rice Sr., dWeb Protocol Founder
The dWeb Ecosystem

A growing ecosystem.

The largest decentralized ecosystem in the world and it's not even close.
  • dBrowser Logo

    dBrowser is currently the only browser integrated with the dWeb protocol but is also open source so others can build upon its basic framework.

  • dPack Logo

    dPack is a collection of libraries and tools for distributing dSites, dApps and dDatabases across dWeb's flock of peers.

  • dPay Logo

    dPay is a blockchain-based economy that powers many dApps that are broadcasted over the dWeb, like dSocial, dSite, dVideo and dPix

  • Arisen Logo

    Arisen, like dPay is another blockchain-based network, based on EOS' powerful technology, enabling everything from banking to governance.

  • dMemo Logo

    A decentralized and distributed instant messenger that is truly blockchain-less and powered over dWeb. It will always be free to use and your conversations are always your business & yours only.

  • dVideo Logo

    The decentralized and distributed version of YouTube that pays video curators and commenters alike. Built-in live streaming capabilities and dWeb distribution between peers, enables dVideo to succeed as the future of online video.

  • dSocial Logo

    Decentralized and distributed social media platform powered on the dPay blockchain and governed by the dPay & Arisen governances. Get paid for posting on a social network. You are no longer the product, now you create the product.

  • dWiki Logo

    The decentralized and distributed version of Wikipedia, where anyone can edit but only the accurate information is graded as such. Readers grade content, not private admins designed to provide information that is not in fact, factual.

  • dDatabase Logo

    Distributed databases to give way for blockchain-less dApps, powered exclusively on the distributed web. dDatabases currently has three database types with dDatabase, dAppDB and dSiteDB, to give developers plenty of options for their next project.

  • dDrive Logo

    The decentralized and distributed version of the hard drive. Cloud storage is a thing of the past, where peer storage is provided free and making sure your files are safe is a thing of the past.

  • dSite Logo

    The decentralized version of Medium and powered on the dPay network, where bloggers get paid for content and commenters do as well.

  • dStatus Logo

    A blockchain-less social network, where users are able to publish status updates, very similar to Twitter. No payments are needed to make posts as there is no blockchain working in the background.

  • Image

    The decentralized and distributed search engine, searching the dWeb, dPay and Arisen networks for content, based on a user's input. dSeek will soon release with web, image, video, wiki and news searches, with more to come in the future.

  • dPix Logo

    dPix is the decentralized and distributed version of Instagram, where users are rewarded with cryptocurrency by dPay network, as well as commenters for commenting on photos taken by other users. Express your creativity and get paid for it.

  • dPress Logo

    dPress is a decentralized and distributed content management system (dCMS), making it easy for anyone to build dSites or dBlogs, without the need for a blockchain. dPress, like dStatus, is a blockchain-less decentralized application.

  • dTunes Logo

    dTunes brings entertainment to the blockchain and the distributed web, giving a way to pay artists for their creativity and listeners for their time. It's an interesting concept, to be released in January 2019.

  • dDNS Logo

    A new distributed and decentralized DNS where the people can now own and control their own domain names forever and for free!

  • aVote Logo

    A new way for the dWeb community to vote on changes to the network, a new kind of governance that governs what surrounds our lives - the web.

  • dNames Logo

    Easily register dTLDs like .chain, .web3, .dweb and more for free! Manage your DNS records and more, just like you would at a centralized domain registrar like GoDaddy.

  • aExchange Logo

    A decentralized exchange for digital/private currency, powered on the Arisen blockchain.

  • aBank Logo

    A decentralized banking system powered on the Arisen network. The original vision for AriseBank + more. The future of banking as we know it, utilizing Arisen's native cryptocurrency RSN.

Don't ever let them scare you into submission.
This is our war to win.
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